For IRS Direct File, let the evidence guide the way

COMMENTARY | A randomized, controlled trial is the best way to find out if using a government system to file taxes directly with the IRS will improve tax collection while reducing burden on taxpayers.

There’s something DHS can do to help civilian agencies fight cyberattacks

The Homeland Security Department has the power to do a lot more than just issue words of warning. 

IRS direct file is a free and easy option for taxpayers from historically marginalized communities

COMMENTARY | An IRS plan to field a free, government-run online tax filing system will save participants with low incomes billions of dollars and help us close racial disparities in our tax and benefits administration.

AI could shore up democracy – here’s one way

Artificial intelligence could be a new solution to an old problem.

Helping production agencies deliver

COMMENTARY | Customer-facing agencies need a new script to resolve backlogs, measure effectiveness and harness emerging technologies.

Reducing security debt

Federal agencies must take measures to minimize the introduction and accumulation of security flaws in their software

The long-time civil servant on the front lines of the default battle

Dave Lebryk is not widely known to the public but the Treasury official occupies a critical spot when it comes to measuring the daily cash position of the federal government.

Listen to your talent — leverage technology for classified

An existing program that supports remote classified work could help solve an ongoing talent retention challenge for Gen Z feds.

How AI could take over elections—and undermine democracy

Artificial intelligence could manipulate the masses.

The hidden key to stopping public sector fraud

Government agencies already have access to the tools they need to thwart ripoffs of public benefits programs.

From Harvard to Ukraine

Steve Kelman catches up with a former student whose work has taken him to the front lines of U.S. efforts to curb nuclear proliferation.

Hey, Congress—if you're looking to cut spending, go after wasteful software contracts

Legacy software companies have spammed federal agencies with outdated, costly and ridiculously complex software assets that impede actual IT modernization.

Is federal financial management stuck in the 20th century?

More than three decades after legislation codifying the role of the chief financial officer was passed into law, functions like budget authority, cost and performance data and many other CFO-related functions are often spread out among different agency officials.

Turning a page

Steve Kelman reflects on his impending retirement.

Policing the wild frontiers of digital communications

Federal agencies need the right policies and the right tech to preserve employee texts, chats and instant messages.

Is the Biden administration's management agenda getting back on track?

On the federal contracting front, reforms seem to be working better in practice than in theory.