Agencies ramp up use of challenge competitions

White House and General Services Administration are tracking crowdsourcing along with technology challenges as paths to innovation.

Trump signs order to accelerate AI development

The White House issued an executive order Feb. 11 directing federal agencies to invest more money and resources into the development and promotion of artificial intelligence technologies.

White House plans spring release of AI research strategy

The strategy will be an updated version of a plan first released under the Obama administration.

Trump's pick to advise on science and tech faces the Senate

The president's pick to advise on science and tech named research, education and workforce development and public-private partnerships as top priorities.

Trump announces nominee to head OSTP

Kelvin Droegemeier, an extreme-weather expert, is the president's pick for the long-vacant Office of Science and Technology Policy director's post.

White House's new R&D priorities include border tech, artificial intelligence and IoT

National security, wireless connectivity, manufacturing, energy, medical innovation and future tech top the administration’s research and development agenda for fiscal year 2020.

Aide to Trump tech adviser picked as deputy CTO

Michael Kratsios, the former chief of staff of Peter Thiel's venture firm, is getting a senior White House tech job.

NIST gets new cyber powers under House bill

A House panel approved legislation that would add new cybersecurity auditing and reporting duties to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the White House science office.

The future of open data in the Trump administration

Government transparency advocates expect Obama-era open data policies to continue but would like to see agencies and Congress prioritize their expansion.

Why open data needs a mission

DJ Patil, the Obama administration's top data scientist, believes open data has the power to help reveal and remediate social problems, but the data doesn't mean much without a mission behind it.

Regulators mull what IOT means for spectrum

Federal officials cautioned of the dangers of hampering innovation with restrictive spectrum allocation.

Satellite, data projects on White House agenda

Global internet connectivity, artificial intelligence and a manned mission to Mars are some of the big ideas at the Frontiers Conference.

Preparing policy for AI-driven tech

A new White House report is aimed at boosting the development of artificial intelligence technology in the U.S.

5 steps to more effective CTOs

New report examines roles and reporting structures for federal chief technology officers.

White House pushes agency heads to expand open data

New guidance issued by two White House offices outlines best practices for agency leaders to open more data, engage with citizens digitally and solicit public feedback.

Court: Feds can't hide outside emails from FOIA

Emails that contain government records don't gain immunity from FOIA just because they reside on an non-governmental system, an appeals court decided July 5.

Flawed data complicates criminal justice AI

A White House effort is looking to eradicate biases from crime data, to make it more useful in machine-learning applications.