Schumer says 'don't count Congress out' when it comes to regulating AI

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said Congress needs “to invent a new process” to effectively balance the dangers of artificial intelligence with the capabilities of these emerging technologies.

Bipartisan bill proposes blue-ribbon panel to address AI risks, regulations

Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., is leading the effort to give Congress the expertise it needs to understand and possibly regulate the risks posed by artificial intelligence.

Tech panel champions near-term quantum efforts in must-pass defense bill

The forthcoming fiscal 2024 NDAA is set to heavily feature new additions to how Defense utilizes emerging technologies.

Hassan, Cornyn try again with IT modernization bill

The bipartisan duo are looking to prod agencies to ditch legacy systems.

Relaunched electric grid caucus plans to highlight security, tech improvements

The bipartisan Grid Innovation Caucus plans to hold educational seminars and a Grid Innovation Expo to highlight emerging technologies and ensure the resiliency of the U.S. power network.

Congress ‘doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing‘ in AI regulation, Ted Cruz says

At least one senator believes Congress’ old age is hindering efforts to regulate the new technology.

Bipartisan bill seeks to safeguard US data from foreign exploitation

New legislation would restrict the transfer of Americans’ data to foreign nations, but leaves the door open for TikTok to store U.S. users’ data on domestic servers. 

New report identifies over $100B in potential government services savings

The government’s overlapping, fragmented and duplicative services are costing billions of dollars annually, a Government Accountability Office report claims. 

Are government decisions being made by AI? Lawmakers want to mandate disclosure

New legislation would also require agencies to have an appeals process for adverse decisions made using automated systems in areas like healthcare or government benefits.

White House makes case for renewed Quantum Initiative Act

As funding under the National Quantum Initiative Act is set to expire, OSTP official Charles Tahan outlined several priority areas for the U.S. quantum sciences ecosystem.

New bill proposes warning labels to AI-generated material

The AI Disclosure Act seeks to combat potential disinformation created using the emerging technology.

Congress is ‘in learning mode’ about AI, lawmakers say

A bipartisan duo of lawmakers discussed artificial intelligence at Amazon Web Service’s government summit.

New bill proposes 'made in China' tags for mobile apps

The legislation would require large online app stores — including Apple’s App Store and Google Play — to disclose the countries where their apps were developed and are currently owned.

Clean energy advancements hinge on steady funding, Energy official says

Accelerating critical technologies to support a robust clean energy economic sector is a top priority for the agency’s 2024 budget request.

Does Congress need a chief data officer?

A new joint resolution would establish a bipartisan commission to look at what legislators need in terms of data, evidence and professional capacity.

House passes bill to permanently authorize VA’s tech training program

VA’s VET-TEC pilot ran out of funding last month, but lawmakers in the House and Senate are moving to permanently authorize the technology education program.

Carper says he won’t run for fifth Senate term

The Delaware senator has been active in the federal tech space for years, earning a Fed 100 award in the process.